Twisted Sisters
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Twisted Sisters
The magician displays two packets of face-down cards, each packet containing four cards. One packet is red-backed and the other is black-backed. A spectator is asked to imagine that his packet consists of four face-down queens. Once this is done, she is to think of any one of the four queens - hearts, clubs, spades or diamonds. A second spectator is now directed to concentrate on the remaining four-card packet, and like the first spectator, is allowed to think of a different queen. Without touching the cards, the magician makes the two selections trade places. The first spectator names her card, the performer spreads his packet, and the queen she merely thought of is reversed face up in the packet. This astounding feat is repeated with the second spectator's queen! And there's more... the face-up queen in the red packet is turned over and it has a black back! Now the face-up queen in the black packet is turned over and it has a red back! And there is still more! When all cards are turned face-up, the other cards are all jacks. Comes complete with all necessary cards specially printed on Bicycle stock and a detailed, illustrated booklet.
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This AnswersTV Magic Video Reveal comes with complete instructions from Michael Hall on how to perform Twisted Sisters along with other presentation tips! You will be receiving a Complete Instructions and all necessary Cards. Difficulty of this trick, as performed: INTERMEDIATE